OS-EDH Battle Reports

Enter the Dragon

Old School Elder Dragon Highlander (or “OS-EDH”) is an Eternal MTG format favored by a small cadre of Lords of the Pit. We typically play OS-EDH as a multiplayer Gathering of four or five mages. The Lords utilize standard Commander rules (100-card Singleton, 40 lives, Command Zone, mana restricted to Commander’s colors, Commander Damage, etc.) and employ the following banlist:

  • Ancestral Recall
  • Black Lotus
  • Karakas
  • Library of Alexandria
  • Off-color Moxen (Moxen tied to the Commander’s colors are allowed)
  • Time Walk

Meanwhile, the following cards are watch-listed (don’t play these, ya dingus):

  • Armageddon
  • City in a Bottle
  • Shahrazad
  • Jokulhaups (OS95-EDH)

The list above is merely a suggestion and we invite your group to experiment with any banlist, or none at all!

Lord Semmens explains how he’s going to ball you

We commonly stick to the Elder Dragons (Bolas, Chromium, Arcades, Palladia, Asmadi) for our Commanders but that mustn’t necessarily be so; a wizard could select any Old School Legend they desire, from Angus MacKenzie to Hazezon Tamar.

Additionally, Lords Etters & Moss collaborated to create the “missing shard” Elder Dragon Legends, filling a gap left by WotC in the early 1990s. We now have Elder Dragons representing BUG, RUG, Jeskai, Junk and Mardu! We took inspiration from the dragons of Skyrim and sought to adapt character-dragons from that classic game to the realm of Dominaria. See the gallery below for more detail. Playtesting of these new Elder Dragons is ongoing and we may yet choose to revise them. If you would like to try our new Elder Dragons with your own playgroup, downloadable cards are available at the link following this article.

The New Kids on the Block

Our OS-EDH games can be quite long & grindy, sometimes taking a couple of hours, but the ethos of these meetups is to have an MTG hangout inspired equally by Dungeons & Dragons, Risk and Settlers of Catan. Only the hardiest wizard can outlast his three opponents (or their CTA schedules).

The Lords have also experimented with adding Ice Age and Homelands to the card pool (“OS95-EDH”) and have an eye toward trying Alliances in the near future as we continually seek out the siq-nastiest board states and combos.

Our goal, as always, remains to push the boundaries of Old School Magic in a way that tests one’s cunning and explores the Shores of Imagination. So clear an evening, find some friends, grab snacks & beverages, and belly up to a heaping helping of OS-EDH!


Below is our tally of OS-EDH victories among Lords & Friends:

Semmens – 9
Moss – 5
Schriver – 4
Etters – 2
Silenus – 2
Piquard – 1
Petray – 1
Blank – 1

(Updated: 02/23/2020)

Prior OS-EDH Action

“Missing Shard” Elder Dragon Legends

Download OS EDH Wedge Commanders Zip (Includes Print Ready Files)