The boys are back! Broadcasting from their socially isolated bunkers throughout Logan Square, Lords Petray, Elleman & Moss catch up on the evolved OS MTG scene in Chicago. Plus, a special guest joins via ham radio…

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We decamped to rural Illinois, to a building reminiscent of the Great Northern from Twin Peaks. We're in paradise. There’s been a day of carousing, singing, reconnecting. Hugs, handshakes, karaoke. Now it is tournament day. The Lords of the Pit are wearing their cuts, backpatches menacing, the originators of a now worldwide trend. The out-of-towners played side games to stay sharp.

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Welcome to the Party, Pal


I proudly fly the Red/White banner as often as possible in 93/94, but often in the heavy guns department. Maindeck Blood Moon, Earthquake, Nevinyrral’s Disk. I like the answers broad and all encompassing. For this event, I shed the big answers in favor of an archetype I hadn’t explored much: full-fledged aggro.

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