Welcome to the Party, Pal


I proudly fly the Red/White banner as often as possible in 93/94, but often in the heavy guns department. Maindeck Blood Moon, Earthquake, Nevinyrral’s Disk. I like the answers broad and all encompassing. For this event, I shed the big answers in favor of an archetype I hadn’t explored much: full-fledged aggro.

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Into the unexplored, unexplained we delved. Gathered on this damp autumn evening, as winter’s chill threatened outside, we sought the knowledge and glory lying deep within the Dungeon of Doom. Four Mages we were, intent on capturing forgotten treasures, summoning forbidden monsters and defeating fearsome foes enroute to Total Victory or certain destruction.

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Go With the Flow


I am somewhat jaded by big Old School events like Eternal Weekend. At a pub or a small tournament, I’m happy to run unpowered aggro against spicy Arboria builds. But when 200 people sign up to compete against each other, the guys at the top are always going to be, as Lord Moss would say, cutthroat sweathog grinders. And because I enjoy winning, I’m going to be on a try-hard list, wallowing around in the shit, sweating with all those hogs.

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Amid the frenetic Saturday evening of Eternal Weekend 2019, five mages surrounded a hightop table at Mike’s Beer Bar. An all-out war was underway, overtaking grizzled veterans and new challengers alike. After two hours, one shell-shocked survivor emerged from his foxhole with a hard fought victory.

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Once in a Great While


June 1995. Ice Age is released, about seven months after the disappointing Fallen Empires. Today that gap doesn't seem so long -- the next year's wait for Alliances would be even longer. But for a youngster who'd first picked up the cards in the summer of 1994, those seven months of waiting represented more than half the time I'd played MTG. Today I'm glad for the delay, which kept me buying Revised packs long enough to complete my set of duals. Still, Ice Age is a set for which I have a history of waiting.

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