Relic War 2


It’s Friday the 13th and hotter than hell. I’m trapped in my own personal hades of snarled Chicago highway traffic. Relic War 2 is tomorrow and, as I snake along 294 at five miles per hour, I let my mind wander to a possible new stew for this Gathering of the Lords of the Pit. It will be another stipulated battle. We did the Team Tactical (Old School, Vintage and Legacy) and the Split Format (93/94 + 95) events earlier this year. This time, for one afternoon only, we’ll cast aside our traditional Eternal Central codex and adopt Swedish rules* for Old School MTG. You know what that means, one Strip Mine, no mana burn, etc. It will be an interesting change of pace for the Chicago wizards. Relic War 2 is the brainchild of Lord Semmens who, together with Lord Friedman, has visited the Scandinavian hinterlands of Gothenburg and imported that brand of Old School back to the American heartland...

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