Into the unexplored, unexplained we delved. Gathered on this damp autumn evening, as winter’s chill threatened outside, we sought the knowledge and glory lying deep within the Dungeon of Doom. Four Mages we were, intent on capturing forgotten treasures, summoning forbidden monsters and defeating fearsome foes enroute to Total Victory or certain destruction.

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Amid the frenetic Saturday evening of Eternal Weekend 2019, five mages surrounded a hightop table at Mike’s Beer Bar. An all-out war was underway, overtaking grizzled veterans and new challengers alike. After two hours, one shell-shocked survivor emerged from his foxhole with a hard fought victory.

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Darkness Falls


The days grow short as autumn descends. After our summer’s-long hiatus, a quartet of hearty mages Gathered to again test their mettle with OS-EDH. The setting moved from Moss’ stronghold in Logan Square to EDH neophyte Bob Agra’s West Town abode. Would our time away and new blood yield technological innovation?

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The generals surveyed their chosen battleground and the uncountable, disposable dead littering the blasted land like so many hailstones from a violent summer’s storm, and wondered aloud, “What devastation hath these powerful magicks wrought?”

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Double Dragon


Albert Einstein stared up at the Gathered magi, bottling whatever diabolical Enchantments they had in-mind for this game of OS-EDH. Lord Marty Silenus passed the turn...

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...and so Gathered four mages, four April Fools, seeking to plumb new levels of despair during a stalemated battle of OS95-EDH. Our wedge Elder Dragon Legends were well-represented (BUG, RUG, Jeskai & Mardu) but relegated entirely to the Command Zone.

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The Council of Elders


The time had finally come to battle test our new Elder Dragons, and five willing wizards gathered at Mossman's Keep in Logan Square to match wits and stamina. The magi rolled in around 6 p.m., braving the unseasonably frigid Chicago wind chill, as Tombstone pizzas, Funyuns and craft beers provided the nourishment required to last this Gathering.

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